Eat Up the Debt Tomorrow Night

Draw down the Debt: Creative fun for a great cause!

One of the best things this business allows me to do is to get creative with the community in the name of things that matter! Tomorrow  evening we’ll be drawing together at our Draw Down the Debt Campaign (RSVP here: ) supporting Columbia Heights Public Schools Eat Up the Debt Campaign with a Free Will Donation lesson creating a spring still life at Community Grounds Coffee Shop in Columbia Heights. We’ve only got 3 signed up so far and I’m issuing a challenge. The suggested donation to participate is $10 so right now that’s an expected $30. I’ll match all donations up to $100. Let’s get 10 folks on board to get the maximum amount of support for our families who struggle to keep up with school lunch debt and take the weight off a district already working under significant constraints from budget cuts.

See you in the Studio,