Summer Fun Continues!

We are rolling through summer with loads of creative opportunities and would love to have your family  join in. We are very flexible for drop ins and always welcome prorated individual days in the summer and have opportunities for big kids, little kids and everyone in between!

Big Kids! 4th Grade and Up

Join in for our Open Summer Studio drop ins on Thursday afternoons from 1-3pm! We’ve been printmaking and building our drawing skills and are jumping into some painting projects as we hit the next couple of weeks


Little Kids! Pre-k/K

Our Caregiver/Child drop-in Backyard Creative Explorations Classes are Friday mornings from 9:30-10:30 and we’ve been busy making ladybug playgrounds, and landscapes for our backyard friends! Garden Markers tomorrow and a lot more fun to come!

In Between! K-4

Mini Camps for our K-4 Crew are held at Community Grounds and all have a few openings remaining!

Next Week:

and coming in August: